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Food Grade Glycerin

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What is Food Grade Glycerin vs Glycerin USP?
Glycerin USP labeled as such, is approved for use as an additive in food and beverage applications. Some people refer to Glycerin USP as "Food Grade". Always use a product labeled as "USP". If you find a product label as "Food Grade" and not "USP" do not use it, especially if you purchased it off the internet. There are a lot of individuals repackaging class eight 55 gallon drums into smaller containers and they are NOT doing it in conformance to USP packaging. A product designated as USP must be packaged in a class 8 clean room and it MUST have a lot number on the container. If you are purchasing Glycerin USP and are making food product you are responsible to check out your supplier.

What is the difference between Glycerin and Vegetable Glycerin?
When a product is referred to as Vegetable Glycerin it means the base glycerol is Vegetable based. Glycerin may be manufactured from animal fat Glycerol or a blend of both. If you have concerns about this, ask your supplier what there base glycerol is. If they do not know and you have issues with this, search around for a different supplier. At we only carry American manufactured and Vegetable based

Can anyone Buy Glycerin USP?
There are no restriction on whom may Buy Glycerin USP. You can order the product on line and ship it directly to your location.

What is the shelf life of Glycerin USP / Food Grade Glycerin?
It all depends how you store it. If you leave it out in a hot room and unclosed it will effect the shelf life of the product.

What is a safe amount of Glycerin USP we can use in our Product?
If you are asking this question and do not know this. You better seek professional advice on proper usage if you are making any products for consumption. For legal reasons, we can not give out any advice.

What is Kosher Glycerin?
Kosher is a certification by the orthodox church. This means a rabbi has viewed the facility and has kosher approved the product and process. A kosher certificate MUST match the bottle label and the product must have Product Lot Number. Third party transfer of Kosher certificates do not qualify a product as Kosher Glycerin. For example, if a Kosher 55 gallon drum of glycerin is transfer into 1 gallon containers, these one gallon containers are not considered Kosher, unless it is in the same facility or an facility that has been approved by the rabii. If you are buying a product that claims to be Kosher and they supply a certificate other then their label report this to the Simply ask for a Kosher certificate and check it against the bottle company. Third party transfer of the Kosher trademark certificate is illegal.


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Food Grade Glycerin is added to soap in order to produce a clear finish and extra moisturizing qualities. It can be dissolved easily into alcohol and water but not into oils.
It is also a hygroscopic which means it easily absorbs water from the surrounding air. If you were to leave some glycerin in the open, it would absorb water from the surrounding air to eventually become 20% water and 80% glycerin. If you were to place a small amount of pure glycerin on your tongue, you're tongue would blister because glycerin is dehydrating. When water is used to dilute it, however, it makes the skin soft.
Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin is a thick liquid that is colorless and sweet tasting. It has a high boiling point and freezes to a paste. Glycerin's most common use is in soap and other beauty products like lotions, though it is also used, in the form of nitroglycerin, to create dynamite.

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Glycerin Uses

Learn how to make glycerin soap:

Glycerin Soap making is consider fairly easy to make.  Glycerin in its pure form is used in many applications such as a sweetener, solvent, antifreeze agent, moisturizing agent, emulsifier, stabilizer and many other uses. Finding the ideal recipe can be a tricky since its end properties largely depend on the lye to glycerin ratio.

1) Add 20% Food Grade Glycerin to 80% Distilled Water.
2) Mix the heated solution for 10 to 15 minutes with constant temperature. The trick is keep the temperature low and constant. A beaded, mushy look will result if the heat is a too much.
3) Always add the lye to water. Adding water to lye may cause a dangerous chemical reaction.
4) Add in fragrances and colors. Just stir in.
5) Pour into molds and cool. Plastic containers are the best choice.
6) Leave the container partially open to allow the solution to breathe. 
7) Store for 4 to 7 days before using.

Learn how to Preserve Leaves:
Follow these steps for preserving leaves with glycerin.

1) Mix a solution of two parts water and one part glycerin.
2) Pouring this solution into pans in any container that is large enough to submerge the leaves.  Rectangular pans and glass casseroles will work..
3) Pour about an 1" of solution into a pan.
4) Fully submerge the leaves.
5) Use a second glass pan so allow them to be submerged.
6) Keep leaves in solution for 2 to 6 days.
7) The glycerin solution must absorb into the leaves. The leaves should be soft and pliable. If not, keep into solution until they are.
8) Remove leaves from the solution.
9) Gently dry them with paper towels.

Learn how to Make Glycerin Deodorant:

Don't care to have Propylene Glycol or Alcohol Based Deodorant? Here's a recipe from Hallstar for this kind of deodorant. One note, a huge down side of glycerin is it is very hygroscopic, water attracting. Ingredients like Propylene glycol does this as well.

81% food grade glycerin
10% water
0.7% fragrance oil (Yuzu from Brambleberry)
2% emollient (PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate)
0.3% triclosan
6% sodium stearate

1) Heat the water and glycerin to 85°C
2) Add the sodium stearate. Mix the solution until it is melted and clear.
3) Add the emollient then remove from the heat.
4) When the temperature is cooled to below 50°C, add triclosan
5) Pour into deodorant containers and cap.

Learn How about Skin Conditioning, Softening, and Moisturizing

Glycerin is commonly used as a natural way to moisturizing your skin.  This formulation may help to seal your dry skin in cold weather.

1) Mix 20% Food Grade Glycerin with 80% distilled water 
2) Add a drop of oil to the mixture
3) Dip your fingertips in the mixture and apply to your skin. Apply it to the dry portions of your skin.

Try a variety of different oils.  Each oil will differ in thickness and each will have a unique natural fragrance.

Learn How to Make Glycerin Spray

Glycerin Spray is commonly formulated into a spray and applied to skin.  It is gentle on the skin and helps attract water. Also, it has been reported to reduce lines and wrinkles.  A spray can be produced at home for a a considerable less then purchasing mixed at a store.  Apply to the entire body and underarms. Scent are often added to the spray to provide s pleasant aroma that may last for hours.

Items Needed: 8 oz. distilled water, 1 oz. polysorbate, Plastic spray bottle, 10 drops lemongrass essential oil, 10 drops lavender essential oil, 2 drops peppermint essential oil, 2 drops e. globulus essential oil, Glycerin, 3/4 tsp. potassium sorbate, 1/4 cup witch hazel, 1/4 cup aloe Vera gel, Medium sized bowl, 1/4 cup mineral oil, 3 to 4 drops essential oil, and 4 oz. plastic spray bottle

Lavender Glycerin Spray

1) Mix 8 oz. distilled water and 1 oz. polysorbate into the plastic spray bottle
2) Add 10 drops lemongrass essential oil and 10 drops lavender essential oil
3) Add 2 drops peppermint essential oil and 2 drops e. globulus essential oil
4) Pour 3/4 teaspoon of food grade glycerin and 3/4 teaspoon potassium sorbate
5) Place the top onto the spray bottle and shake the contents well.
6) Apply

Aloe Vera and Glycerin Deodorant Spray

1) Pour 1/4 cup of witch hazel and 1/4 cup aloe vera gel into a medium bowl
2) Mix the ingredients together well
3) Add 1/4 cup mineral oil and 1 teaspoon of glycerin
3) Add 3 to 4 drops essential
4) Add the contents into a 4 oz. plastic spray bottle
5) Shake several times to mix the ingredients
4) Apply onto clean dry underarms daily

Learn How Make Food Grade Glycerin Herbal Tincture

This is a easy to make herbal tincture using glycerin as a base.  The advantage of using glycerin is it made used right away instead of waiting weeks for a vinegar or alcohol based solution.

1) Use a pint dark amber glass jar to keep your tincture in.  Also, store in a cool dark place.
2) Pour in 1/3 cup of glycerin and 1/3 cup of water
3) Add 1/4 cup of dried herb or 1/8 cup of powdered herb
4) Tightly over and shake
5) Put bottle in a pan filled with water. Simmer the mixture for 4 hours.
6) Strain out the herbs with either a cheese cloth, a mesh strainer, a viva paper towel, or a clean towel
7) Date, Label and Use

These are general formulations. Please contact professionals before making food products for human consumption.

Glycerin Uses

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